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Dear Prospective Parents:

Welcome to Holy Family School! As our mission states, ‘Inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and our Catholic tradition, Holy Family School, in cooperation with parents and our parish, seeks to guide all students to become joyful learners who seek first the Kingdom of God.’ This can only be accomplished with support from our parents and parish.  We believe HFS is the moral path to your child's academic future.

As you walk through the doors of Holy Family you see an atmosphere of learning that is encouraged by parents and carried out by our amazing faculty. The blending of strong academics and faith formation provides our students a solid foundation for life. Our children are taught to ‘Love God and Love others’. Students are given individualized attention in small classes, expected to do the best they can academically, and encouraged to live out the values of service, sacrificial love, humility, and forgiveness.

We believe that helping children grow is an ongoing process whether this be academically, spiritually, morally, or socially. Keeping Christ at the center of all of these lessons is paramount to the success of our students. An HFS graduate is expected to have faith in God, a love of learning, and to be the light of the world.

If you are interested or have questions about Holy Family School,
please contact me at 815-883-8916 Ext. 11 or

God Bless,

Mr. Nathan Boudreau

Principal, Holy Family School 

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