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Football Mania

Our main fundraiser is Football Mania, contributing over 8% of our school’s budget.  The raffle-like game gives participants 18 chances to win cash prizes based on the scores of your randomly chosen, three-team lineup each week of the season.

If your three-team lineup for the week has the highest or lowest combined score, you win!  There are additional prizes for 2nd, 3rd, going all the way down to 12th place.  

The game is easy to play, no skills necessary!  You do not need to pick the teams or keep track of the scores—this will be done for you.  Each ticket costs $20, with chances of winning better than 16 to 1.

If you don’t currently have a child at Holy Family School—please consider purchasing some Football Mania tickets to help us keep our Catholic School an affordable option.


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